The 4 Types of Memberships

  1. Ordinary Member
  2. Associate Member
  3. Life Member
  4. Honorary Member
  1. Ordinary Member – a medical practitioner interested in Intensive Care Medicine and who shall have the following privileges:
    1. voting rights
    2. eligiblity to stand for election as officer bearer
  2. Associate Member – non-medical practitioner involved in the care of critically ill patients. These may include, but not limited to nurses, pharmacists or respiratory therapists.
  3. Life Member – any Ordinary Member may apply for life membership upon payment of S$500.00, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. Alternatively, any Ordinary Member who has been a member continuously for 20 years may be elected a Life Member by the Executive Committee. Such a member need not pay any further subscriptions upon being confirmed as a Life Member and shall be entitled to all the privileges of an Ordinary Member.
  4. Honorary Member – who shall be elected by simple majority vote at a General Meeting of the Society upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee. There is no limit on the number of Honorary Members elected.

The annual subscription for Ordinary Members is $30.00 and for Associate Members, it is $15.00. There are no annual subscription fees for Life and Honorary Members.

Please click here to download our membership form.