SICM set up its own multicentre research arm, named the National Investigators for Clinical Epidemiology and Research (SICM-NICER), in 2008.

SICM-NICER’s mission is to improve the practice of intensive care medicine and the outcomes of critically ill patients through collaborative clinical research in Singapore and beyond. Specifically, it hopes to inspire important research questions, support investigator-initiated collaborative clinical research, and facilitate the translation of research findings into improved care in Singapore’s intensive care units (ICUs).

SICM-NICER is represented by like-minded intensive care physicians from multiple hospitals across Singapore. It has performed and published studies on sedation practices, sepsis management, and tracheostomies in the ICU and continues to be involved in studies on other topics such as end-of-life care.

SICM-NICER is still in its infancy as far as track record is concerned. It is confident that the passion of intensivists across Singapore will drive it to greater heights. Anyone interested in its activities can contact Dr See Kay Choong at


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