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APCIS 2022

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We are excited to inform you we have planned a line-up of webinars for this year. This is sixth Webinar of the series.

This Webinar is held in partnership with the Sengkang General Hospital and the Chapter of Intensivists.

Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS)

Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) aims to improve patient care and outcomes during the critical first hours following neurological emergencies. ENLS promotes a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach using a consistent set of protocols, practical checklists, decision points, and suggested communication to use during patient management. This course covers 14 protocols developed by Neurocritical Care Society.  


The highly acclaimed ECMO course at the MD6 lab is currently one of only two courses endorsed by the Extracorporeal Life Support Organisation (ELSO) in Asia. It develops skills for doctors, nurses, perfusionists, and respiratory therapists in the management of patients on ECMO, and teaches how to troubleshoot common problems with a simulated learning experience.

The content of the course includes pre-learning materials as well as overview summaries on ECMO indications and contraindications, ECMO physiology, emerging perspectives, and other aspects of ECMO patient care and management, including anticoagulation, transport, and weaning. The didactic talks are a prelude to comprehensive water drills that cover the A to Z of the circuit and its components, plus common issues faced during day-to-day management of ECMO patients. Learning is further enhanced by smaller group simulation sessions to allow for hands-on education on both basic and advanced topics such as circuit checks, equipment components, alarms, pressure monitoring, and emergency trouble-shooting procedures. Faculty and simulation educators will facilitate discussions on team training, clinical critical thinking, and decision making.

Participants who attend the course will be assessed online before and after the course and will receive certification directly from ELSO.


SICM Webinar Series:
SICM-STS Webinar 2022

We are excited to inform you we have planned a line-up of webinars for this year. This is third Webinar of the series.

The Asia Pacific Intensive Care Symposium (APICS) 2022

The Asia Pacific Intensive Care Symposium (APICS) is back from 20 -22 August 2022!

Fundamental Critical Care Support (FCCS)

FCCS is an internationally recognized course providing basic critical care information to the non-critical care specialist. FCCS was developed under the auspices of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, USA and locally administered by the Society of Intensive Care Medicine (Singapore) and SIMS-IMSE.

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