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Society of Intensive Care Medicine (Singapore)
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Patients requiring neurocritical care form a sizable portion of patients requiring Intensive Care. They are a specific population that as a group has unique problems, attributes and needs. Over the years, the field of Neurocritical Care has developed to meet those needs and to care for this group of patients. Locally and globally many institutions have dedicated Neurocritical Care Units, with practitioners coming from varied backgrounds including Intensive Care Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery and Anaesthesiology.

The Neurocritical Care Chapter was established on 1 Sep 2018. Its objectives are to:

  • Promote the development of Neurocritical Care in Singapore.
  • Encourage professional interaction, exchange and support amongst physicians from different base specialties, backgrounds and institutions providing Neurocritical Care.
  • Raise the profile of Neurocritical Care as a special area of interest within the specialty of Critical Care Medicine.
  • Foster collaboration in professional, educational and research efforts in Neurocritical Care.
The Chapter is open to any SICM member with an interest in Neurocritical Care. There will not be any additional fees to join the Chapter.

The Chapter will organise regular activities to meet the objectives stated above.



The Neurocritical Care Society (NCS is a multidisciplinary, international organization whose mission is to improve outcomes for patients with life-threatening neurological illnesses.

NCS aims to recognize, support, and partner with developing neurocritical care sections, chapters, or interest groups within existing national societies, or as newly founded societies in order to advance the mission of improving care for critically-ill patients with neurological diseases. To this end, it has established a Global Partnership program, whose stated goal is to enhance communication between all societies of the world interested in Neurocritical Care. Each Regional Committee Chair will hear and discuss firsthand all NCS proposals and activities, which can then be distributed throughout the respective regions.

SICM has established a Global Partnership with NCS with effect from 1 September 2018, allowing members of SICM to enjoy 40% off the regular price of NCS Membership.